I think creativity is an essential part of living a full life. Dancing, painting, singing, photography - how you express yourself doesn't matter. What matters is the way we get in touch with who we really are that happens when we allow creativity to be part of our lived. That being said, it is so easy Read More
Giant List of Drawing Prompts
Sometimes it's hard to think of something to draw. I just stare at my sketchbook and feel dumb for having nothing in my head. So here is a list of drawing prompts I've collected to inspire me whenever I draw a blank. If you have or find a good prompt list send it to me Read More
Imposter syndrome often rears its ugly head when we are finally making progress towards our goals and dreams. This happens because your brain has evolved to keep you safe. Even though having your own show in a gallery is not going to harm you in any way, your brain sees this new experience as an unknown Read More
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