2: Carolina Della Valle

Carolina is an interior decorator, turned printmaker, turned painter. She has a great style and has a wonderful perspective on making art. I really enjoyed chatting with Carolina. We covered topics like finding art, changing careers, making personal and paid work and how we need to think about moving foreward when we are going through an ugly phase and hate our work.

Some Things We Talk About

And here is the instagram post Carolina mentions that got a ton of views!

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Monochromatic compositions still on my mind. Here’s a little process video using a single paint sample (thanks @dbmoonbeam) . . . A little background on me: I have journal issues. I fought it for a long time, convinced I was perpetuating my scattered approach to art by having a ton of journals, each with a given purpose. I have a general art journal (my painting journey), a personal art journal (painted memories/journal entries for my family), a handlettering journal (for practice), a still life journal, a general graphite sketchbook, a value study sketchbook…ok I think you get it. So this is my newly dedicated collage journal. I often wonder why I need to do this but I finally realized that it wasn’t because I wanted to over complicate things. Each exploration is a totally different journey, with a completely different thought process. Painting abstract is completely different than a detailed still life or a collage. I want to do it all and creating various journals allows me to experiment in different mediums, follow each journey separately, and in the end, see my growth within that given medium, all neatly in one place. That’s a pretty valuable tool. Hmm, not as wacky as I thought! . . . Exploring the Elements Week 4 : COLOR . . Join me and share your work!#exploringelements2019 #exploringelements2019_color . . Others worth joining: #littlebiteverydayseries #sketchbookfebruary #letssticktogethersketchbook . . #exploringthelements #elementsofdesign #principlesofdesign #growingartist #doitfortheprocess #carveouttimeforart #getmessyartjournal #cotfa #artchallenge #journalchallenge #artjournalchallenge #artjournal #artjournalpage #color #colorstudy #monochromatic #collage #februllage #colorstudy #shape #paintchipart #processvideo #timelapse #journaling #journalobsessed #timelapse_cdv

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The problem is the painting was done maybe 30 minutes ago, but I wasn’t done 30 minutes ago.

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