3: Gretchen Warsen

Gretchen Warsen is an abstract painter who incorporates line and texture in her art in absolutely stunning ways. In this episode, we talk about some technical details about how she paints on plastic Yupo Paper using her non-dominant hand, about what keeps her going back to her canvas day after day. But then we cross over into mental health and Gretchen shares how she worked through a bad depression to get back to her art and into the career she has now.

Some Things We Talk About

  • Balancing life and kids
  • Dealing with depression and getting back to art
  • How Gretchen got into non-representational art

I don’t want to ever be in a place where I say, “well, this is the way I do it and this is what it has to be done.” because I might be closing the door on, a better way of doing it for that point in my life.

Gretchen’s Links

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